Meet The Heroes

Welcome to “Meet the Heroes”

When releasing ‘Blood On My Hands,’ I had no idea how many doors would open for me to become involved in the Afghanistan plight.  As someone who has been privileged to be embedded with Project Exodus Relief, Moral Compass, and in daily contact with many of the groups performing the evacuations, I have been inspired and amazed at the determination, compassion, skill, and honor of private Americans who are keeping the American promise of no man left behind.  These self-less people have been evacuating American citizens, SIV holders, U.S. Green Card Holders, Afghan allies, and other persons of high risk from Afghanistan.

Between going to work and picking up their kids from soccer, they are organizing sophisticated operations and are saving lives every day, while tragically suffering the heartbreak of the Taliban hunting down and even murdering those they are helping.  American veterans have quit their jobs and drained their bank accounts to rescue Afghan allies who fought beside them, and in some cases, saved their lives. They are shining lights and are a true reflection of the moral character of our nation. ‘

This web-based interview series is my mission to introduce America to these true heroes, to hear their words, see their faces, and know their stories.”

Episode 2: Mike Brewer

Meet Special Operator Mike Brewer. Hear his powerful story on why he put his life on hold to rescue those left behind in Afghanistan.

Episode 1: Mike Waltz

In the first episode of “Meet the Heroes”, I sit down with Congressman Mike Waltz, the House’s first Green Beret representative, for a discussion on family, honor, his role in the evacuations, and the challenges and repercussions of Afghanistan