Friends, In 2006 I wrote a song called China on the Horizon. At the time there was a discussion about the biggest geopolitical threat to America and western Democracies. This song was my take. The tune was never released but a few folks got wind of it  and considering the current pandemic conversation asked me to release it…So without further comment….China on the Horizon (2006) is now available on all music platforms..

Take a sail on a big ship
Head West till you stop
You’ll find a razor
In your brown paper cup

Her eyes are diamonds
And she smiles like a clown
She knows what you need
Before you turn around

China is on the Horizon

She will take you out – Turn you inside
Leave you flat on your back
She’ll put your heart
In high state of attack

She comes with roses
But she’s nearly Insane
The Boys on Wall Street
You can bet all know her name

China is on the Horizon

Be Well